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Far From the Usual

Simplifying & Improving the lives of our Clients & their Animals

Offering Animal, Farm, & House Sitting and Custom Built Hay Feeders

Health, Wellness & Thriving

At the core of Far From the Usual is the belief that everyone deserves to thrive - humans and animals alike. Ginny has spent the last nine years delving into what it means to thrive through health and wellness both for herself and her horses. As a result, she works with several companies that focus on offering wholesome products that are ethically produced with organic practices for the betterment of both people and animals. Many of these products have replaced common products around her home and barn, with positive results.

Dynamite Specialty Products

Dynamite is one of the foundations of the equine diet that Ginny uses, as well as a major go-to company for a variety of health related products. Dynamite has products for horses, dogs, cats, humans and even goats and plants! Dynamite prides itself on using sustainable processes and organic materials to create its products.

doTERRA Essential Oils

Ginny was introduced to Essential Oils in 2010 and has used them almost every day since! doTERRA Essential Oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, a standard which is not found anywhere else in the industry. Essential Oils provide a huge array of benefits to health and wellness. They can be inhaled for the aromatherapy benefits, they can be rubbed onto the body, or even ingested to help heal and improve the body. Used for everything from aches and pains to removing moles or cancer, they are a huge part of healing and wellness in the everyday routine.

Wachters Organic Sea Products

Wachter's has been around now for over 80 years, offering organic products that are produced on a foundation of sea vegetation. Wachter's offers a variety of human supplements as well as several supplements designed for animals and plants. Ginny loves using Wachter's VetraCalm for helping horses detox and enjoy the added benefit of a calmer animal.

Kombat Boots

Kombat Boots forms the foundation of the diet that Ginny uses. Recommended to her by her mentors from Florida where it is widely used to help horses deal with the higher moisture content in their environment. Kombat Boots is pelletized brewers yeast, which provides the gut bacteria with exactly what it needs to digest efficiently. Kombat Boots helps improve the gut so that it can digest more efficiently. Frequently horses that are put on Kombat Boots will need less of the same amount of feed that they are recieveing. Ginny uses it as the foundation, feeding just four ounces per day to help the horse's gut digest as efficiently as possible.

Ginny's Favorites

Here are some of Ginny's favorites from these companies:

Dynamite: The foundation of Dynamite Specialty Products is a simple pellet that contains enzymes, coenzymes, biocatalyst microorganisms, amino acids, cultured gut bacteria, vitamins, and bioavailable minerals. This supplement is fed in a small amount for maintenance to provide the horse with exactly what it needs to be healthy and thrive.

DynaPro: This liquid probiotic from Dynamite Specialty Products provides the gut with exactly what it needs for the beneficial microbes to thrive. Ginny uses it for daily maintenance, and also in higher doses when an animal is stressed.

Miracle Clay: Clay has long been known to have healing properties, and Dynamite Specialty Product's clay is a wonderful mineral infused blend of clay that they naturally source. Used as the foundation for creating salves and poultices for wounds it is an excellent carrier for Essential Oils to maximize healing. Ginny has used it with various Essential Oils to help heal persistant wounds on horses with great results. Additionally, it has great benefits being added to the diet of both people and animals. Known to help pull heavy metals out of the system, it is a good detoxifier. It can help sooth the gut, and has the added benefit of aiding in reducing the worm population in animals.

Trace Mineral Concentrate: One of Ginny's go-to for just about every ailment is Trace Mineral Concentrate (TMC). Added to just about every salve or poultice that Ginny, uses it is an amazing healer. It contains a full spectrum of trace minerals in a highly concentrated form that is easily assimilated by the body. Used both internally and externally, it reduces healing time dramatically. It helps heal cuts and scrapes quickly with minimal scarring, and can help heal the gut from damage of a poor diet or ulcers.

Solace: Colloital Silver is considered nature's antibiotic. It is a powerful healer that is great in combination with TMC. Used both internally and externally for just about every ailment, it is always in Ginny's cabinet.

Wound Salve: This has completely replaced neosporin in Ginny's medicine cabinet. Based in white bees wax, this herbal infusion is all natural and has tremendous healing properties. Ginny uses this on scrapes and cuts, as well as adds ingredients to make salves for specific situations.

Balance Essential Oil: Ginny LOVES to use this oil with horses, and the horses love it too! The reactions of the horses when offered Balance Essential Oil Blend vary from intense inhalation from one side of their nose to the other, to actually wanting to lick the bottle! This oil is unique in that it helps to balance the body, and the horses really appreciate it! Ginny loves to put it on the bottom of her feet for the same effect, and often rubs it on the horse's cornet bands right above their hoof.

In Tune Essential Oil: This blend is almost intoxicating in the bottle, and is one of those wonderful scents that changes depending on the wearer. Its lovely scent attracts attention as people can't seem to get enough of it!

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