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Far From the Usual

Simplifying & Improving the lives of our Clients & their Animals

Offering Animal, Farm, & House Sitting and Custom Built Hay Feeders

Far From the Usual was born out of the idea that life can be easier and better.

Ginny has long since been a horse lover, and spent over seven years living and breathing horses before deciding to do things her own way. Ed grew up around farms, and enjoys the peace and quiet along with tinkering with things. The partnership seemed natural. Together, they work to create an easier and better way to do things. From caring for horses in a simple but personalized manner to innovating and building hay feeders to make life easier, they both love the simple things in life, and want to share that with their clients.

"Ginny has been such a wonderful addition to our farm! When she first told me she would like to volunteer at the farm to learn organic and sustainable agriculture practices, I can't say that I was overly confident. We have had a multitude of folks anxious to learn how to live the "good life" and most, apparently, hadn't realized the "good life' was a lot of hard work. Ginny was different. By the end of the first day, I didn't want her to volunteer any more, I wanted to hire her! Ginny is a hard worker. She's willing to take direction well. She's extremely motivated, a self starter and loves this kind of work. As a farmer, time away from the farm is infrequent, but when I am away, I have total trust in Ginny that our 300 laying chickens, broilers, farm buildings and our home will be well taken care of. I would have absolutely no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending her to anyone!

I have also have had a couple of dealings with her partner Ed. Ed is quite knowledgeable when it comes to fixing and handling equipment. He has worked on our farm tractor, farm truck, small equipment and done a number of odd jobs around the farm, always with excellent results. He is a conscientious worker with a relaxing personality. Ginny and Ed make a great team.

- Steve Rouse, Rousedale Farm

Why us?

Every person and horse is an individual. We strive to develop concepts and systems that meet the needs of the individual while making life easier. Our goal is to make every life a little bit better that we touch, whether it be through building a hay feeder to reduce waste, taking care of a client's animals while they are away or keeping horses in an easy natural manner. We love to see our client's thrive.